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Soccer - Football - Lacrosse - Basketball - Speed and Agility



Fall   Sept 8th- Oct 31st
Class Age Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Youth Soccer   Strikers 4-5yrs 1:00-1:50     9:00-9:50 1:00-1:50  
Youth Fun/Fitness/Soccer 4- 5yrs   9:00-9:50     1:00-1:50  
Soccer I   Beginner 6- 10yrs   4:00-4:50   5:00-5:50    
Soccer II   Intermediate 6- 7yrs            
Soccer I   Advanced 6- 10yrs       6:00-6:50    
Soccer III   Beginner 11- 14yrs       7:00-7:50    
Soccer III   Advanced 11- 14yrs            
Football I 6- 7yrs   FLAG FOOTBALL LEAGUE    
Football I   Advanced 6- 7yrs   FLAG FOOTBALL LEAGUE    
Football II 8-10yrs   FLAG FOOTBALL LEAGUE    
Football II   Advanced 8-10yrs   FLAG FOOTBALL LEAGUE    
Football III 11- 14yrs   FLAG FOOTBALL LEAGUE    
Football III   Advanced 11- 14yrs   FLAG FOOTBALL LEAGUE    
Lax I Beginner   Girls 6- 10yrs   5:00-5:50        
Lax I Beginner   Boys 6- 10yrs   5:00-5:50        
Lax II   Advanced Girls 8-10yrs   6:00-6:50        
Lax II   Advanced Boys 8-10yrs   6:00-6:50        
Lax III   Beginner 11- 14yrs            
Lax III   Advanced 11- 14yrs   7:00-7:50        
Basketball I   Beginner 6- 10yrs 5:00-5:50          
Basketball I   Advanced 6- 10yrs 6:00-6:50          
Basketball III 11- 14yrs 7:00-7:50          
Speed and   Agility I 6-9yrs     5:00-5:50      
Speed and   Agility II 10- 14yrs     6:00-6:50      
LEAGUES: Flag Football September 12th- October 31st        
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We Really Care

My desire to help the kids in our community and see a child improve in their sports while building character is why I opened LSC. My wife, Brandee and I along with our Children, Taylor and Ryan, are honored to bring Loudoun Sports Center to Loudoun.

Just seeing the face of a young athlete when I say they are doing a great job is an unbelievable feeling. To make a difference in a child’s life through sports is the impact I hope to have in the community.

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We are here to serve you during the following hours:

Monday to Friday: 4:30 to 7pm
Saturday: 9am to 2pm

Sunday: Closed
Phone: 703-717-3990

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21750 Red Rum Drive

Suite 177 

Ashburn, VA 20147
Phone: 703-717-3990
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