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As owner of Athletic Revolution in Ashburn, I see on average 500+ kids a week in various classes

from Soccer, Lacrosse, Basketball, Football, and Speed and Agility. What I notice is a common

element among young athletes that either allows them to reach the next level in their sport and it

all starts to click, or stagnation and/or progression backwards.

When looking at the difference of why this happens for some athletes and not others really boils

down to confidence! Confidence in young athletes allows them the ability to try to do new moves,

skills, drills, and most importantly take on their peers. In taking on their peers, they may not

always win, or the move may not always work out, but the confidence they have to try it again and

again allows them to progress into better athletes.

Kids with lower confidence try the move or skills once or twice, and when it is not successful they

give up and don’t try that move or skill again. It then starts to ripple into a low confidence effect,

where they are afraid to try new moves, skills, drills and thus stop progressing with their peers.

So, how do you improve your kid’s confidence? Here are several ways to help your young athlete to

increase confidence, and not fall into the confidence effect.

1. Fundamentals – Kids have to learn the fundamentals of any sport to be good at it and progress.

Professional athletes spend hours everyday doing fundamentals. Soccer players juggle for

hours, lacrosse and football players practice throwing and catching. Improving fundamental

skills is critical to growth of new skills. Learning and being proficient at these fundamentals will

increase confidence and ability to perform those skills in a game. I enroll in a skills class that

focuses on fundamentals to ensure your child is able to correctly perform the fundamentals of

that sport. For example, I find many kids are unaware of how to lock their ankles when they kick

a soccer ball, or dribble with their heads up. These fundamentals are critical to the game, and

will increase your child’s confidence.

2. Repetition, Repetition, Repetition – Most kids get the most enjoyment out of playing games, but

the fundamentals and repetition are what makes them better and more confident. Better

players are able to try more moves, or do moves more quickly that increases their options

during games of what they can do to beat their opponent.

3. Conversations – Having conversations with you child about their sport and how they feel about

their skills is important. It is also just as important for you to provide support without criticism

or evaluation. Criticism or Monday morning quarterbacking can be very hurtful to confidence in

your athletes game, and cause: doubt, lack of confidence, lack of interest in the game, or anxiety

that they are not meeting your expectations. Conversations about how they felt about the

game, their skills or areas or classes they feel they need allow them to drive the conversation

and open up about areas they lack confidence or would like assistance. Have this conversation

often, and LISTEN. You’ll learn a lot about your child, where they see themselves as an athlete,

and what you can do to help them. your social media marketing partner

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We Really Care

My desire to help the kids in our community and see a child improve in their sports while building character is why I opened LSC. My wife, Brandee and I along with our Children, Taylor and Ryan, are honored to bring Loudoun Sports Center to Loudoun.

Just seeing the face of a young athlete when I say they are doing a great job is an unbelievable feeling. To make a difference in a child’s life through sports is the impact I hope to have in the community.

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