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“Coach Liam, Last year we lost twice to Herndon in the Finals of the SFL Tourney. Herndon ended up finishing 11-0 and 2nd overall out of 46 teams. Today we beat that same Herndon team 2-1. Only difference was all of the work the kids put in with you in the winter. Thanks Coach Liam!” – Porter Shomo

Loudoun Sports Center is a wonderful addition to the Loudoun area!  The owners are local residents and truly are vested in not only helping kids achieve their maximum potential as young athletes, but also in supporting the surrounding community.   They have held numerous fundraisers for charities, local schools, etc and set a great example to our kids on being both a talented athlete and a good sportsman.  Coach Liam is adored by players of all ages.  He is encouraging, supportive, and FUN!  My son counts down the days until he gets to go to LSC each week!

With regards to the facility – yes it is not the giant sportsplex many people have come to expect in Loudoun County, but is exactly why I love it!  Coach Liam and the coaches at LSC take the time to know and understand your kids.  You get personalized attention that cannot be matched.  They recognize the kids that come to classes (and there are LOTS of them) by name, and help them build the individualized skills they need to be better at their respective sports.

I highly recommend considering this small, personalized, and well run facility for your child’s athletic development and instructional needs.”  - Alyssa Borsyk


“We are extremely happy with our experience at Loudoun Sports Center. Our son had never touched a lacrosse stick prior to his classes at Loudoun Sports Center. I can’t believe the amount of progress he has made in just a few short weeks. Coach Liam is excellent with the kids! He really challenges the kids and focuses on proper technique so they do not have to relearn the basics. The small class sizes allow for individualized instruction and overall athletic improvement. Our son loves the Loudoun Sports Center and Coach Liam! ” – Janelle Romano

Loudoun Sports Center is the BEST! My kids have taken classes, camps, birthday parties, private trainings and are currently playing flag football with LSU.  Coach Liam is  AMAZING! He truly understands what these kids need to make them feel strong and confident.  He motivates them and makes them better.  I cannot say enough about the outstanding training that the kids receive at LSU.  Coach Liam and Brandee have created a very special environment that brings out the champion in each of our kids.  We love LSU!! ” – Alli Pettibone

“Loudoun Sports Center is a great facility!  My son has taken several classes there and loved every one of them. He is currently playing flag football for LSC for the 2nd season and it has been a great experience for him. Coach Liam is wonderful!  Very motivating and a good role model. Both him and his wife, Brandee are involved in the community and have held several fundraisers for our elementary school. Overall this is a fantastic facility that compliments their great owners!” – Melanie Kelly

“My son loves LSC class!  He gets all excited when I mention in the morning it’s the soccer day.  He adores Coach Liam and puts in his best effort to be chosen “The Champion of the Day”.  It’s the first class where I have observed my four year old to not only have fun, but to strive to be the best!  We are actually able to use the phrase “is it what a champion would do?” to elicit a good behavior on his part.  Thank you, Coach Liam.   “  – Katarzyna Walczak-Slowinska

“Thank you coaches Brandee and Liam for an awesome birthday party for Maclain today! He said it was the “best day ever!” You are both incredible and host a great event at LSU! Can’t wait to do it again! “  – Karen Conlin

“I wanted to tell you how thankful we are for your program! My son, Cole, has been a big fan of football and this is the perfect introduction for him (he is almost 7). He LOVES it and tells everyone Monday is his favorite day of the week!! He even talked his best buddy into joining the program with him this time around! You may want to warn the coaches, though! Just kidding! Again, thank you SO much he really is enjoying this!!! -Erin Panica


“Coach Liam.. What an Awesome Winter Session!  We can’t wait to use all the skills and training in the spring leagues!  We will be continuing training in the Spring.. We have seen more of an improvement in the winter training at LSC than any other training program.”


“Just wanted to say thank you! My husband said that Elle really improved her skills from the Fall after watching her first soccer game of the season last Saturday. He was really impressed with what she learned at LSC over the winter session. Thanks again! See you again soon!” – Heather Roper



“Isaiah has really been enjoying the speed and agility class. He has noticed the difference though even in playing basketball and I do see him applying what you are teaching him. You started a great program and are doing a great job with it. “  – Cynthia Foy  



“I just wanted to post about Loudoun Sports Center in case someone might have an aspiring soccer/lacrosse/football player – or just a kid who could burn off some energy or might want to try a new sport. We registered my son for lacrosse, to try it out and see if it was something he might want to pursue. Not only did he love it, but insisted his sister try it too. She loves it. They can’t wait for lacrosse nights and my daughter is ditching Girl Scout camp in favor of lacrosse camp this summer. I found the rates to be reasonable and it’s located nearby – and if I ever get really organized and motivated, I could even get over to Gold’s and get in a few minutes of cardio while they are practicing. Well, it’s a nice thought anyway. Last Saturday they also did Girl Scout Day of Play and parents nights out! Love that place!”

- Chris Ross

 We have had the privilege of having Liam as our daughter Tayla’s coach who played in the Loudoun Soccer Fall season. Coach Liam’s excellent knowledge and professionalism, in terms of his coaching ability, his skill level with the girls, his patience and his understanding of the game has encouraged Tayla not to only better understand the game but as parents we can see the vast difference in her skill level compared to her last season. We greatly appreciate Coach Liam teaching the girls how to play not only as a team but also ensure that the fundamentals of the soccer game are understood and executed as best as possible.   Tayla has improved leaps and bounds in her soccer abilities and has had a lots of fun this season. ”The Byars family.

 Just wanted to say a big “Thank You” to you for being very encouraging to Justin in his soccer playing.  You have been a tremendous help to him, and your kind words yesterday enormously help his confidence.  So thank you for going above and beyond in your coaching and your commitment to making all of these kids better players and people.  We wish you and Brandee much success in making LSC a big part of Loudoun youth sports for many years to come.”  Rick & Yvenne

“Your training program balances the proper combination of operating mechanics, physical development and physiological knowledge to empower young athletes to reach beyond their self-imposed limits and maximize their athletic performance”

- Mike Rudnicki

Father of 2 Young Athletes


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We Really Care

My desire to help the kids in our community and see a child improve in their sports while building character is why I opened LSC. My wife, Brandee and I along with our Children, Taylor and Ryan, are honored to bring Loudoun Sports Center to Loudoun.

Just seeing the face of a young athlete when I say they are doing a great job is an unbelievable feeling. To make a difference in a child’s life through sports is the impact I hope to have in the community.

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